Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Watch Your Spring Fling Crash And Burn

Yesterday's 74 degree high quickly...and yeah, quick is a good description for it, faded as east winds took over after midday and sent temperatures south.

The city's high was milder than most guidance and warmer than mesoscale modeling had indicated but was definitely an exception to everyone to the city's north and northeast.  At Noon, temperatures were only in the 50's from Doylestown and Trenton on north and east, with 60's across the immediate northern burbs.

By 3 PM, those 70's shoved south and west of the city, with Philadelphia down to 64.  Millville had dropped from 77 to 70 between Noon and 3, with Atlantic City dropping from 66 at Noon to 55.

Let's drop another seven degrees between 3 and 6 PM in the city -- now down to 57, with 50 at Atlantic City and 54 in Millville.  Millville dropped sixteen degrees in three hours yesterday!

Our temperature swing was pretty impressive over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...and fall back to reality on Thursday afternoon across the region was equally impressive as we saw the impressive power of a backdoor cold front shoving itself on through the Delaware Valley.