Monday, April 01, 2013

No Foolin' -- Chance of Rain For Home Opener

We're keeping an eye on Friday for the potential of rain for the Phillies' home opener against Kansas City.  This storm system is currently working through the West and will slowly trudge across the southern portions of the country before turning up the coast on Thursday night and Friday morning.

As of now, the steadiest and heaviest rains look to be from the city on south, with lighter areas of rain likely north and northwest of Philadelphia.  Air will not be cold enough at the surface or aloft to support anything other than rain with this storm system as it moves through...we're likely done with nor'easter systems producing snow at this point for the balance of the cold season.

That said, it won't be the nicest of days as this storm system moves on northeast, off of Hatteras, and out into the Atlantic.  Breezes will pick up, especially at the Shore, and the potential for some minor or perhaps moderate coastal flooding does exist due to the gusty east and northeast winds that this system will bring to Shore areas on Friday.  It is a relatively quick mover so the coastal flooding threat appears to be an issue for one tidal cycle.

Rainfall could exceed an inch south of the city, perhaps over a half inch in Philadelphia depending on exact track with the storm.  There will likely be some waffling around on details in the coming days but guidance generally nudges the low out into the Atlantic near Hatteras or Virginia Beach, pushing it northeast.  That should be enough to produce at least some rain for the Philadelphia metro and points southeast....and if such a track verifies, could damper the Phillies' game on Friday or perhaps postpone it outright.