Saturday, April 06, 2013

Northern Minnesnowta Holds Onto Winter

 While our snow season is pretty much over, the slow retreat of a late winter continues to be very slow in parts of the United States.  Consider Duluth, Minnesota, where the city still has six inches of snow on the ground and picked up another one to two inches of snow last night from a weak system that pushed through and brought snow to much of the central and northern portions of the state on Friday and Friday night.

Duluth's April snowfall really isn't that rare -- the city  averages nearly seven inches of snow during the month and has historically picked up as much as 31.6 inches (back in 1950).  If you like snow, this is probably a place to go to get it later into the year given their average winter snowfall is 83 inches and given it can conceivably snow in the Twin Port cities of Duluth and Superior until early June!

Courtesy of NWS Duluth

Helps that Duluth's average high and low for today are just 44 and 26 -- more typical for our world in mid February -- and over fifteen degrees below today's averages of 60 and 41 in Philly.

By the way, there is a bit more snow in the forecast...perhaps on Monday and Tuesday with a storm system shooting through Minnesota and then across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Winter's not quite over yet up there...although here we can safely say the threat of snow has arguably passed us by.