Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pretty Similar April In Terms Of Warm Days

Through Friday, we've had a pretty similar April compared to last year in terms of days where we've been above 70 or 80 degrees. It was a bit unusual for us this year because it took until April for us to get our first 70 degree day (unless you're in Delaware, where it happened in January), where most years we're hitting 70 for the first time in March.

That said, the level of warmth this year, mostly in the past two weeks, is pretty consistent with what April 2012 pulled off.  Last year, Philadelphia had seven days of 70 or warmer through the 19th. This year, we also had seven.  Most of the numbers across the board were pretty consistent as well for locations around the region.

One difference is that Wilmington hit 90 this April but had not to this point last year, while Reading and Allentown both hit 90 last April and missed the mark in our warm surge a week and a half ago.  Other than that, there was relative consistency in the intensity and frequency of warm days in the first three weeks of the month between last year and this year.  The result for us is April 2013 running a few degrees above average so far, likely breaking our "run" of months of below average temperatures at two.