Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reviewing First Half Of April

We're running above average so far this month by just under two degrees on temperature in Philadelphia, setting the stage for our first above average month on temperatures since January.  April's warmth was pushed mostly by the major league surge of warmth experienced last week, when temperatures topped 80 on Tuesday and Wednesday...including a record setting 89 in Philadelphia a week ago tomorrow.

Philadelphia started April quite cool -- in fact, the coolest start since the 1990's between the first four days of the month, before taking off on temperatures last week for a few days.  The cool regime returned last Thursday afternoon with a backdoor front, continuing into Friday with a coastal storm before we returned to normal for the past three days.

Rainfall so far this month is running just shy of a half inch below normal, which is consistent with most of the region's rainfall deficit for the month (between a half and a full inch) outside of the Poconos.  The bulk of the rain this month fell with last Friday's storm system.