Monday, April 15, 2013

Revisiting Your Snowfall Prediction From This Winter

You know the drill.  Philadelphia finished with 8.3" of snow this winter, a good bit lower than everyone who gets paid to predict snow predicted would fall this past winter, including us.

It also includes you in that.

Our snowfall projection "contest"  for Philadelphia ran back in November, with most everyone projecting over ten inches of snow...and three eager forecasters predicting over 50" of snow for the past winter.  I won't name names of those who went on the high end of the measuring stick for the winter but I will name the names of those who came closest to reality.  Only two readers predicted under ten inches of snow -- Bryant in Blackwood, NJ (6.2") and Josh in Clifton Heights, PA (3.0").

The closest among readers that went over the 8.3" tally was Andrew in Wilmington (11.6").   Congrats to you three for your reasonable predictions!