Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So Much For Last March

Having spent the first 25 years of my existence in Minneapolis, a warm March was a rare treat. Cold Marches were pretty typical in my youth along with snowfalls during March Madness as March was the snowiest month on the calendar (essentially it's their equivalent of what February is to us in Philadelphia).   Last March's record setting warmth in much of the Midwest and Great Lakes was replaced by a stinging chill as the final temperature outcome in many that set records last year was several degrees below normal.

At least you weren't in Fargo, which went from a record warm March to being ten degrees below average this March and having six days out of seven with temperatures at least twenty degrees below average.

Our drop wasn't as steep -- we only went from 52.2 to 41.2, a drop of eleven degrees.  Most everyone that flirted with or set records for warmth in March dropped by anywhere from fifteen to over twenty degrees from last year to this.  Some of the bigger drops besides Fargo's 24.3 degree difference include Des Moines (22.3), Chicago (20.9), and Minneapolis (21.1).

The "highway of cold" pushed down from Canada through the Dakotas, Minnesota, down the Mississippi Valley and into the Southeast.  Temperatures averaged at least five degrees below average in many of these locations this year.