Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring Isn't Far Away

While yesterday was a bit crisp during the morning hours, the prospect of bright sunshine was enough to entice me to pack my camera and drive down I-95 for a visit to the nation's capital with the hope that cherry blossoms would be near peak.

With warmer weather on tap for this week, Washington and even parts of our region will explode in a sea of spring color as the annual green up (and flower up) takes place.  I missed the peak of cherry blossoms by two or three days but it was still a rather beautiful day...and a rather nice opportunity to capture some cherry and magnolia trees in flowering mode.

With a significant warming trend taking hold for much of the Mid Atlantic starting today and continuing through at least Tuesday...perhaps extending out to Thursday...spring will quickly start to show up into our area.  Philadelphia's cherry blossom trees will likely take off in the next few days as well, timed well with the city's Cherry Blossom Festival's key events next Sunday.

For allergy sufferers, I count myself in that group, the next few days may be the last "good" days before wheezing and sneezing take off in earnest.  Enjoy it while you can!