Friday, April 19, 2013

Tornado Watch West Of City Until 11 PM

A tornado watch is out for Central Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, and Chester County until 11 PM.  This watch doesn't include (as of now) the city or any of the other suburban counties, nor does it include Delaware or South Jersey.  The watch may get extended east through the evening -- we'll keep an eye on that as things go.

While there is a tornado watch out for portions of our area it does not tornadoes are imminent or that we are going to get a massive outbreak of them. That said, gusty winds are a threat this evening and tonight through the Delaware Valley, especially as the storm line moves on into the city around 8 PM or so, earlier to the west.  There *could* be a tornado...probably a quick dropping and short-duration one if something did occur. The chance of it is low but since there is a chance the tornado watch is out.

You can see the line of storms clearly on radar as of 4:45 PM -- State College to east of Altoona, moving east and northeast.  This line will approach the Delaware Valley over the next few hours and move through.  Expect gusty winds and a heavy downpour that could last 30 minutes or so.

This line is relatively quick-moving -- moving at over 30 mph -- so it should cross the state through the next several hours.  It will move in after sunset and without the influence of today's near 80 degree warmth, which may help weaken the line a little bit. It may limit the potential for severe somewhat, especially east of the city, but the threat for heavy rain and gusty winds will likely exist with the line through its progression to the coast.