Sunday, April 07, 2013

Warmth To Linger Through Thursday

After a good bit of uncertainty for midweek in our forecast due to the differences between the Euro & GFS involving the level of warmth and whether or not a backdoor front was going to slice through the region, the warmer outlook appears a good bit more likely to come to fruition at this point around the region. 70's...and yes, perhaps some 80's loom in our immediate and not-too-distant future.

Both the NAM and GFS agree on Philadelphia for Monday and Tuesday (thankfully), making the forecast relatively easy for us to knock out -- 70ish tomorrow, upper 70's on Tuesday.  The higher resolution version of the NAM is a bit warmer than the GFS we may see temperatures a bit warmer than what the MOS output (below) suggests when push comes to shove.

The frontal boundary that separates May from March will lie across New York State and the northern tier of Pennsylvania until Thursday night into Friday when a cold front crosses the region with rain and thunder.  Temperatures on Wednesday look to be the warmest of the year so far -- the NAM and GFS both suggest 80+, with the Euro suggesting upper 70's at peak heat of the day in the city.

Thursday may not be *as* warm as Wednesday but odds do favor another warm day in the region before the storm system moves in and we get rained on.