Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weather Rewind, April 7-13, 2013

Temperatures were rather warm for part of the week but on the whole they averaged an unseasonable 8.6 degrees above average.  The middle portions of the week -- Monday through Thursday -- provided the bulk of the warmth and averaged sixteen degrees above average just among the four days that made up the warm wave last week.

Two record highs -- a tied 84 on Tuesday and a broken 89 -- accentuated the week's weather in Philadelphia, along with strong thunderstorms from a disturbance crossing the region on Wednesday evening.  That combined with a storm system hitting us on Friday to bring us the week's rains -- 1.37" overall.

Wednesday's record high of 89 was one of 34 record highs from Missouri to Florida to Pennsylvania as part of the warm wave.  On contrast, the west dealt with record cold as 20 record lows were set in the Rockies and Plains.

The topper (and insult to winter weary residents in the Northern Plains) was a snow and ice storm that hit Minnesota and the Dakotas on Thursday and Friday.  Up to a foot of snow fell in parts of Minnesota from the storm and some of that fell in a car as well in Duluth (oops).