Friday, May 03, 2013

A Touch Cooler, Still Awesome

Today's weather is going to shape up very similar to that of the past couple of days, with a couple of minor differences.  First, a backdoor front has pushed in from the east this morning and has brought a bit of wind off of the Atlantic.  That breeze, which will be a bit gusty at times, will gradually wind down through the day today.

It'll be mostly sunny overall but there could be some passing clouds pushing down the coast later today.  It's not a huge chance that it impacts us but there's a possibility those clouds could slide into South Jersey and Delaware after midday today.  Other than that, expect mostly sunny or all sunny skies through the Delaware Valley.

Highs today will get to near upper 60's in Philadelphia, 60's in New Jersey, and near or around 70 to the north and west.  A couple of degrees cooler than yesterday but nothing that will have you running for the nearest parka or coat.  In fact, it will be a beautiful day in the Delaware Valley with just a touch more breeze and touch cooler temperatures than the last two days.  Enjoy!