Friday, May 10, 2013

Almost Summer

We should coax a nice, but warm, day out of today.  Thunderstorms will develop to our west later this afternoon, influenced by a low pressure system that is pushing out of the Ohio Valley and through the Northeast.  Some modeling indicates that thunderstorms approach the western suburbs after 8 PM but until then, a dry day should be expected.

The day is going to vary in sky cover but overall, mostly sunny is the most apt description -- I almost went "mix of sun and clouds" but sunshine should dominate through the middle part of the day and early afternoon hours before clouds increase towards dinner.  That sunshine, plus south and southwest breezes, yield warmth for the region.  Highs away from the ocean and mountains should reach at least 80, probably warmest along I-95.  We might see an 83 or 84 in a spot or two but odds favor 80-82 as the high water mark on temperature, with the Shore getting to around 70 before dropping back in the afternoon.

Showers and storms will loom around parts of the region tonight and Saturday.  Some heavy rain is again possible in spots.  We'll get into more detail about the thunder threat later this morning.