Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blustery But Improving

After yesterday's slap from summer to March, today will offer some gradual improvement. It won't be terribly warm out but it's going to be a bit better than the low 50's we were dealing with during the afternoon hours.

If you're south and southwest of Philadelphia, odds are the afternoon is going to be pretty nice albeit windy.  If you're north and east of the city, clouds hold serve longer although sunshine will gradually work its way in. It may also be showering for a while in the morning the closer you are to the Shore.

For everyone, winds will be an issue like they were yesterday. Expect winds from the northwest at 15-25 mph with gusts that push 30 or 35 at times. Highest wind gusts will be in the midday hours and winds will probably be a bit higher south than they will be to the north as the clearer skies allow for a bit more mixing of the atmosphere and more wind to reach the ground.

Highs range from around 60 north and northeast (may not even get there up by New York City) to the mid 60's south and southwest of Philly.  Philly gets to around 65 for a high, which is about ten degrees below average and more typical for mid/late April than late May.  It won't be as bad as yesterday afternoon but still pretty cool for this time of the year.