Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dodging Drops, Not About To Dodge Upward Momentum In Temperatures

A warm front is pushing on in from the west and southwest today...you saw the advance of high clouds from the west yesterday afternoon filtering out a really bright, sunny start.  Today will not be that sunny unless you're down to the south and even there, sunshine will be a bit limited.

Expect scattered areas of showers to pass overhead today -- more numerous to our north than to our south, with the city generally getting in on at least some shower activity later this morning and into the midday hours. While a few rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out, odds favor any thunder to be relatively limited today as dynamics are not totally supportive of it.  That said, the showers could be locally drenching as a decent slug of moisture pushes in aloft ahead of the disturbance that's riding along this warm front.

Temperatures today will be tricky to pin down -- we're going with 70 for the city, with 60's to the north and 70's to the south.  These could bust around the city if showers end up nudging further north than what the models are indicating.  The theme, regardless of reality, is warmer south than north for today...and today's temperatures will only go higher for Wednesday through Sunday as we set ourselves up for the year's first 90 by Thursday, but also for the first stretch of multiple 90 degree days to close out May.