Sunday, May 05, 2013

Forecast for Monday, May 6, 2013

An area of high pressure which has produced an extended period of clear skies across our region is beginning to breakdown. As it does so, an area of low pressure will begin to move in from the south. This system is a slow mover and thus the clouds will hang tough for several days and it won’t be as bright as the past several days. Meanwhile, a northeast wind will result in locally cooler conditions at the shore points for Monday. 

Monday will be a day where we will see an increase in clouds. There could be some patchy fog in the morning or some low clouds. An isolated shower in the evening is possible across the southern fringes of our region. By Tuesday, the area of low pressure currently across the Southeastern United States will be close enough to begin to throw some scattered showers into our region. I remain optimistic that we may see some limited breaks in the clouds at times, especially further to the north. Wednesday is probably going to be when the system is right over us and that should result in more widespread showers and thicker cloud cover. The system may linger into Thursday, especially if future model runs continue to slow down the arrival and departure of the low.

Another system will impact the region during the weekend and may bring more showers our way. There are some timing differences to iron out among the guidance. Again, it doesn't appear that it will rain all of the time. But at some point, expect some showers.