Thursday, May 30, 2013

If You Liked Yesterday...

Yesterday's 90 degree weather was the city's first official foray into summer heat -- and if you liked that, you'll love what's on tap for tomorrow around the region.

High pressure is building aloft and a surface high out in the Atlantic is pushing heat up the coast.  The good news is that humidity levels are tolerable -- dewpoints shouldn't get much above 60 during the day. While it will be hot, humidity will keep heat index values close to the forecast highs.    We're expecting 90-93 across the region tomorrow afternoon, hottest along I-95.  The Shore will be about ten degrees cooler, perhaps a touch more than that at Cape May with a west breeze preventing much of a seabreeze from firing up expect perhaps in Cape May County.

Thanks to the heat, a stray or isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out across Central or Northern Pennsylvania but odds of anything more and a pop up storm or two are rather low since the atmosphere lacks any significant disturbances to help aid thunder development.

It's summer in an unofficial sense -- and you're going to get to "enjoy" it the next couple of days whether you like it or not.