Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lots of Sun. Still Breezy

Skies are clear and its quite cool for Memorial Day weekend.  Temperatures as of 7am are around 50 degrees in and around the city, with mid to upper 40's elsewhere and even a few spots near the Poconos that are in the upper 30's.  Pretty impressive for late May.  High Pressure to the west will move into the region today as a strong low-pressure system over Maine, providing the windy and very cool conditions, will move north and weaken over the Canadian Maritimes.  The difference in pressure between the High and Low will yield another windy day, but not as windy as yesterday.  Winds will be out of the northwest about 12 to 16 mph with some higher gusts.

Lots of sunshine today.  High temperatures will range from the mid 60's north to around 70 here in Philly and points south, running about 5-10 degrees below average.  Enjoy the cool, pleasant weather as the heat will be building starting midweek...with 90 degree looming by Thursday or Friday.