Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15th, 2013 Forecast

Warmth lingers for a couple of days despite a frontal boundary slipping south this evening as there is little in the way of cool air behind the front to really shove temperatures south. In fact, it may end up warmer tomorrow than today's final high ultimately ends up being.  With the front to our south, the possibility of a thunderstorm or two firing up in the afternoon does exist but it looks as if the threat of thunder tomorrow will be less than it was today.

Tonight features the chance of a thunderstorm moving through at any point through Midnight. Storms will probably be more scattered around later on as the frontal boundary tries to fire something up as it slips south.  Skies will be variably cloudy after Midnight.  Lows generally in the 50's north of the city, in the lower 60's in the city, around 60 south.

Tomorrow features a mostly sunny sky, mild westerly breezes, and the chance of a thunderstorm around in the afternoon.  Best chances of a thunderstorm exist south of the city. Highs tomorrow end up around or just above 80 for much of the region, with mid and upper 70's at the Shore as the seabreeze is held in check.

There's a bit of temperature uncertainty for Saturday and Sunday -- modeling waffles around a bit with the influence of a high pressure center building down from New England, setting up an easterly flow off of the Atlantic. Some guidance suggests 70-ish or low 70's for the city, with low 60's at the Shore, while other modeling is less robust with the influence of cool air.  For now, we've nudged temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday's forecast in line with guidance from this morning.  Highs probably hang in the 60's at the Shore on Saturday and Sunday but will be warmer inland (mid 70's along and west of I-95).