Thursday, May 30, 2013

More May Madness -- European Style

The Adirondacks had their fun over Memorial Day weekend as snow plastered the highest elevations, and coated lower locations, thanks to a cold core low and abundant moisture.

They weren't the only ones dealing with cold and snow last week.  Europe's higher terrain -- even into Italy -- was getting popped with cold and some snow.  This was a look at the mid levels of the atmosphere last Saturday night -- you can see the US on the left with the storm responsible for New England's snowfall spinning on the left hand side of the graphic, while in Europe a cold trough dominated over the central part of  Europe.

This produced snow in Italy, postponing stages of the Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy) bike race.

Portions of the Giro d'Italia were postponed due to cold and snow late last week. Photo credit: EPA/Daniel Del Zennaro
Snow was also reported in portions of Germany, France, and Switzerland, mainly across higher terrain and very similar to what New England put up with late last week.  However, lower elevations also dealt with some rather chilly temperatures over the latter stages of last week.  London topped out on Friday at 49 degrees, fourteen below average.  Paris, site of the French Open over the next week plus, only reached 48 on Friday...nearly 20 degrees below normal.  While temperatures have since moderated in Paris, they still run several degrees below average each afternoon (only getting to 59 yesterday!).  Berlin also dealt with highs just in the 50's, over ten degrees below average, last Saturday and Sunday.

Cool air continues to reinforce itself over Western Europe as another upper level low pivots through the continent over the next few days.  Warmth may return by the weekend to them...although 90's don't appear likely like we'll receive.