Saturday, May 11, 2013

Off & On Showers & Storms Around

It's not going to be a dry day today as showers and storms will be around at various points through the day. It won't rain all day and there will be breaks in the rain at times but a couple of rounds of showers and storms will move through over the course of the day.  This morning's shower activity will be less thundery and more shower-like in nature.

There could be some thunderstorms firing up in the midday and afternoon hours as the front approaches and then passes through the region.  Some of those storms could be pretty strong in spots but it doesn't appear (at least as of now) that severe weather will accompany any of the thunderstorm activity.

Rainfall totals look to be between a third of an inch and an inch plus of rain, perhaps highest in the Poconos and across the mountains of Central Pennsylvania.

Since we'll be ahead of the front, it will be a bit humid out and mild.  Highs will get into the 70's across the region, warmest along I-95 and points south.  If we get a bit of sunshine in the afternoon hours, we could see temperatures a notch or two warmer than anticipated but it's not a lock that this occurs.