Sunday, May 19, 2013

Poll: When Will We First Hit 90?

Given we've still yet (barely) to have experienced our first 90 degree day in Philadelphia, the clock is ticking. The last three years have featured Philadelphia getting its first 90 degree day on either May 26th (2010, 2011) or May 28th (last year). There is a slight chance of us cracking 90 later this week (although those odds are small, they do exist if everything breaks right on Wednesday).

It appears that we will cool down a bit for the Memorial Day weekend and the days immediately thereafter. If we don't hit 90 this coming week, it's quite possible we go into June before our first 90.

Knowing that, when do you think we have our first 90 degree day?

The poll is completely unscientific and meant for fun...if you like warm weather...or not for fun if you hate heat.