Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Priming You For Heat...Likely No Records Ahead

Our parade of 90 degree weather to close out May and start June is not unusual -- we had a run into record territory two years ago in a few locations with mid and upper 90 degree weather...Philadelphia went 93, 94, and 96 in a three day stretch between May 30th and June 1st.  History is sorta repeating itself with the upcoming hot shot that works on in, with Friday the likely "hottest" of the upcoming stretch in the Delaware Valley.

At this point, no records appear like they will be broken.  Some, such as Allentown's 94 on Thursday and 95 on Friday, as well as Reading's records for both of those days, will come close to breaking.

Records & Projected Highs (In Parentheses) For Region Over Next Three Days.
Projected Highs Based On Wednesday PM Forecasts.
However, Philadelphia will require 97 as the record tie or record break between Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  That does not look likely.  However, with highs in the lower 90's it will feel pretty hot out there, with temperatures running close to 15 degrees above average in the latter portions of the week.

Humidity levels won't be terribly nasty -- dew points probably hang out in the 60 to 65 range each day, which will result in heat index values close to the air temperature, maybe a degree or two warmer at most. While still hot, it's not the worst we can see as far as humidity and temperatures combined...unfortunately, we've got all of June and July ahead of us for the muggies to slap us in addition to heat.