Thursday, May 09, 2013

Rains Scattered, Some Heavy, Yesterday

The bulk of rains yesterday fell to our north and northeast, with some parts of North Jersey and metropolitan New York City picking up over two inches of rain. Central Park picked up more than three inches of rain as a band of heavy rain pushed onshore during the morning hours and provided a nasty downpour.

Around here, rains were much more scattered in nature and varied -- Berks County picked up over an inch in most places, with some getting two inches plus in the bucket. Parts of New Castle County in Delaware, according to doppler estimates, picked up over two inches of rain as well (particularly near Middletown).

Philadelphia's total yesterday was 0.41" -- not a huge amount and definitely a good bit less than what fell in New York City or in Reading, but it was more than what fell yesterday in Mount Holly (0.22") or Atlantic City (0.09").

Philadelphia has picked up more rain so far today than it had yesterday with this morning's rains pushing through.

The scattered nature of rainfall recipients continues today with more showers and storms firing later on, mainly to our north and northwest as the day progresses and the influence of daytime heating agitates the atmosphere.