Friday, May 17, 2013

Recapping The First Half Of May

May's first half has shaped up to be rather normal overall, despite some yo-yo effect over the last week.  Temperatures are averaging out to just shy of a half degree below average (61.2 versus 61.6), with precipitation just about near normal as well (1.75" locally versus an average of 1.87").  The only thing that wasn't near normal was the frost threat on May 14th, as temperatures dropped to the lower 40's in the city and in the 30's throughout many of the suburbs.   Outside of the that -- and the relatively cool stretch  that accompanied May 13th and 14th -- the month has been pretty tranquil and normal overall.

We are running cooler than last May by over three degrees.  The big difference between this year and last year was the cool snap we picked up on 5/13 and 5/14...we didn't have any level of cooling quite like that last year.

Around the rest of the region, temperatures are running relatively close to average at most sites.  Precipitation is a bit below average at Allentown (nearly three-quarters of an inch) but above average at Reading by a third of an inch.  Atlantic City is the region's cool spot as they are over two degrees below average; everyone else is generally running within a degree of normal on either side.