Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday's Gradual Improvement

We mentioned Saturday was trending away from a nice day in the modeling on Wednesday and Wednesday night and raised concerns yesterday about the possibility of it being a less-than-stellar start to the Memorial Day Weekend.

Those concerns may end up being a bit unfounded, if you can deal with a perhaps cloudy and gloomy start at the Shore.  Modeling this morning has nudged the storm system along a bit faster, which is obviously good news for many of us as we should see an improvement in weather during the course of Saturday.

The GFS is probably a bit more pessimistic with cloud cover than the NAM is, especially over the eastern and northern half of New Jersey, with areas south and west of Philadelphia looking pretty clear or mostly clear over the course of the day.  At minimum, it will be dry and we'll probably have some clouds around from the typical puffy cumulus or stratocumulus setup that occurs on cooler days, but it doesn't look like showers will remain an issue through Saturday.

The NAM's optimism provides mostly sunny skies to all on Saturday except those above New York City, who would still have to deal with a shower threat.

While temperatures won't be the greatest if you like warmth and summer, it's looking less nasty than it did 24 hours ago.  Mid 60's and upper 60's definitely isn't the worst that we could pull off...and that will be the coolest of the upcoming stretch as 70's return Sunday and Monday.