Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saturday's Not-So-Nice Trend

Waking up yesterday morning, most of the modeling for Saturday showed a breezy but increasingly sunny day on the whole. That changed, rather dramatically, over the course of Wednesday as both major computer models have slowed the timing and exit of the storm system that's hitting us today and tomorrow, now extending the impact of unsettled weather into Saturday.

This will not ruin the whole of Memorial Day Weekend weather -- Sunday and Monday, while cool, do look nice overall although it could end up variably cloudy on Sunday at the Shore as cool air aloft fires up some clouds over the course of the day.

Saturday's weather will be showery at times, breezy overall, and rather cool as highs will likely be in the lower half of the 60's, at best, at the Shore assuming the shift in modeling holds through Saturday.

Sunday and Monday do offer improvement, with 70ish type day on Sunday and highs solidly into the 70's on Monday.  Monday will likely be the sunniest of the three days.