Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Some Showers, Some Sun, Mostly Cloudy Regardless

The region awakens to the third morning of May Malaise -- east and southeast flow off of the Atlantic bringing increased clouds and an on-shore flow off of the ocean.  With an upper level low beginning to nudge towards the region after lumbering through the South, the prospect of showers and even a few rumbles of thunder in the forecast is real over the next couple of days.  Today offers a lesser chance over the next two days -- we'll outline the threat a bit more later on this morning.

Not all of the day features showers, nor does it feature wall-to-wall clouds.  We should see some moments of sunshine mixed through the cloud deck and should see some blue sky at times.  It won't qualify for even partly sunny but there will be enough there to at least afford the opportunity to see some sunshine.

As for highs, we're thinking around 70 north and northwest, with mid and upper 60's elsewhere.  The Shore may end up being closer to 60 for a high.  Today's highs are a bit sunshine dependent but odds favor the north and northwest nudging a bit higher in temperature, again, than areas closer to the coast.  Shower chances, while scattered, will be a bit higher south and southwest of Philadelphia -- especially out towards DC, Baltimore, and west towards Harrisburg.  Those areas stand a better chance of shower activity than we do...but we can't discount the shower chances completely around here.