Saturday, May 18, 2013

Storm That Brings Severe To Plains Today Takes Days To Reach Us

The big weather story nationally over the next couple of days will be the severe weather event that unfolds in the Plains and Midwest as a storm system taps into high levels of moisture that are funneling north ahead of it.   Areas from the Dakotas south into Texas could see some severe weather later on today as the atmospheric trough responsible for this storm system becomes a bit stronger and feeds off of the unstable environment and high levels of low level moisture that are pooling across the Midwest.

A moderate risk of severe weather is in place for Nebraska south into Oklahoma -- with tornadoes a relatively high threat across this area later today.  Tomorrow may present a larger threat overall in terms of potential severe weather as that moderate and slight risk area shifts east to including Minneapolis, Kansas City, Tulsa, and Des Moines.

The ridge of high pressure across the South and Southeast that is in front of the trough is what is responsible for stalling out that cold front that slid through our area on Thursday morning...that front is now trying to reverse course and come on back north as a warm'll take a couple of days to pull that off thanks to the influence of high pressure over New England.  That ridge is the key to our pattern for the first part of next week as it will move overhead, bringing us warmth for Tuesday and Wednesday -- 80's are likely for highs around here and it's possible we make a run into the upper 80's on Wednesday.   Adding to the warmth is summer will definitely be making an arrival around here.

That ridge is a slow mover -- it will take the trough and storm system that is producing today's severe weather until later Thursday or Friday to reach the East doesn't mean we'll be thunder free over that whole stretch but the bulk of thunderstorm activity -- and our likely best chances for severe weather -- may ultimately be five or six days away.

After our relatively cool and at times damp weekend, it looks like summer is poised to make an appearance around here for a couple of days next week.