Thursday, May 16, 2013

Texas Sized Hail & Tornadoes Last Night

If you have not seen the photo of the nearly four inch diameter hail that fell last night in North Texas, check out this photo.  Hail and tornadoes sprawled across North Texas last night, with at least six reported fatalities and three reported tornadoes from severe weather that marched across Texas in the evening hours yesterday.

The tornadoes, one of which reached a mile in width, tore through counties to the west and south of the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the course of the early evening hours last night.  The Granbury tornado hit suburban subdivisions particularly hard, with dozens of injuries reported to the Dallas Morning News in early morning editions online today.

Storms moved towards the Granbury area around 7:30 CT last night, with a tornado touching down near 8 PM in Granbury.

A second tornado, the mile wide one, was reported to the south of Granbury and moved through the town of  Cleburne.  Both of those tornadoes show up clearly on doppler radar in velocity mode (seen below), showing the strong signature of winds that indicates a tornado in those thunderstorms with the strong and bright red/green combinations very close to each other.

This has been a relatively quiet tornado year nationally -- the statistics show that we've seen a much lower number of tornadoes so far this year than in past years. However, between last night's storms and an expected outbreak of severe weather this weekend in the Midwest and Plains, it looks like the heart of severe weather season will finally start behaving like a typical severe weather season does nationally.