Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two More Moore Tornado Videos

You may have already seen these on the internet or on television already. In case you haven't, here are two more videos of the Moore tornado from Monday.

First, this was the first ten minutes of the tornado after its touchdown as it was approaching I-44 to the southwest of the Oklahoma City and still to the west of the city of Moore.  It was still in the early stages of its life cycle but you could see the tornado quickly grow in size and increase in intensity, as well as some of the tree and limb damage as the twister passed across I-44 to the west of Moore (around the eight minute range of the video)

Second, this was a video from ABC that showed the tornado as it passed over Plaza Towers Elementary. It's a bit spooky, with flashes of light, screaming from kids and teachers, and the reaction to the damage afterwards.

The tornado was classified as EF-5, the strongest on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, and is the third (E)F-4 or stronger tornado to pass through Moore since 1999.