Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Updating Tomorrow's Shower & Storm Chances

Warmer air pushing in from the west will lead to an increased risk of shower activity in parts of the region, which may begin late tonight with a few showers or sprinkles pushing in from the west.  However, a better chance for showers exists tomorrow as a disturbance pushes southeast along a eastward advancing warm front, with the region's northern and eastern half facing a chance of showers during the daylight hours.

These showers will be light to moderate in intensity, scattered across the northern half of the region, passing through from the morning into midday hours.  If you're north of the city, you probably experience at least some shower activity after 7 AM and before 1 or 2 PM tomorrow.

That disturbance will provide the necessary "oomph" to agitate the atmosphere in the warm sector as warmer air moves in, with some thunderstorm activity looking to pop up in some locations during the afternoon into early evening hours.  Best chances for this activity would be after 5 PM, starting initially to the north and west and then pushing east or east-southeast through the Delaware Valley.

Storms look to be scattered or in a broken line of sorts.  While we're not, as of now, in any severe risk area the possibility of a few of these storms to produce some hail and gusty winds does exist.  Best chances for that will be across Central Pennsylvania.