Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weather Rewind: May 12-18, 2013

Temperatures last week averaged 1.7 degrees below average -- the vast majority of it pushed by the strength of two very crisp days on Monday and Tuesday where temperatures averaged 11 degrees below average on both days.  The balance of the week averaged out above average if we tossed those two days out...but we can't so it ends up being a cool mark on the month so far.

We had a pretty decent swing in temperature over a two day period -- going from a low of 41 on the 14th to a high of 82 on the 16th.  That 82 was the high for the month so far until we get into the mid and upper 80's over the next couple of days.

Rainfall-wise, we picked up 0.36" in Philadelphia last week -- the bulk of it very early on Sunday morning as well as on Saturday with showers that developed overhead during the course of the day. We also picked up a bit of rain with some batches of rain that moved through in the late morning and early afternoon on Wednesday, as well as on Thursday afternoon.

Nationally, the big story was the severe weather that impacted Texas in the middle of last week and the High Plains on Saturday -- that will translate into this week's big weather story as the Saturday severe weather cause will slowly push east over the course of the coming week.  As far as temperatures are concerned, the cool start to May over the South and Gulf Coast will give way to a warm week as a ridge of subtropical high pressure is in control.