Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weather Rewind: May 19-25, 2013

Temperatures last week averaged 2.3 degrees above average in a bit of a roller coaster week weather-wise.  From a cool and damp start with 60's on Sunday, we bounced quickly into the 80's on Monday and held there for highs through Thursday, with 87 on Wednesday the city's high water mark for temperature this week.  It was warmer to our west as Reading hit 92, their first 90 of the year.

A cold front slashed through the region during the morning hours on Friday and brought an end to the warmth, as temperatures fell from the 60's to around 50 or below by evening.  Saturday was windy but with sunshine wasn't the worst of days locally.

The city picked up 0.31" of rain last week -- not a huge amount and it paled in comparison to what fell in Allentown (0.62") or Reading (0.81").  We're still a bit dry overall this month in the city, running about three-quarters of an inch below average on rainfall.  Our recent dry ways certainly aren't anything like what's going on in the Plains and Southwest -- a large swath of real estate is still in a rather large, expansive drought.  The drought that dominated much of the Midwest last summer has been eradicated with heavy rains over the spring; however, a larger percentage of the country (39%) is under some level of drought now compared to last year at this time (28%).