Tuesday, June 25, 2013

90 Pace Hardly Record Shattering

Yesterday marked our fifth 90 degree high in Philadelphia. It hasn't been that hot so far this meteorological summer -- you can thank the rains we picked up this month and the relatively cool Spring as providing much of the ammo in that regard.  Despite the lack of 90's overall, we are only running one 90 degree day behind last year (six) and three behind 2011 (eight) for number of 90 degree days year-to-date.

Assuming we hit 90 today, we catch up to 2012's pace.  By month's end, last year did tally three additional 90 degree days and had a total tally of nine days.  We probably end up with eight year-to-date by month's end assuming we hit 90 each of the next three days.

All of this pales in comparison to the blistering paces set by 1991 and 2010 in the great 90's chase.  2010 is the gold standard of 90 degree days in Philadelphia -- 55 days in total by the end of that summer, with 17 of them tallied by the time June ended.  1991's pace was started by a very warm May (12 days of 90+), which continued into June and July before the pace "slowed" later in the summer.

Tying in the rainy recent years (2003 and 2006) into this equation, there's hope for more modesty in summer heat. 2003 only had two 90 degree days to this point and ended up with a total of 23.  2006's total of six through the 25th yielded a final summer tally of 27.  Neither summer was unbearably hot, both featured more rain down the line.

Given we're behind the pace of the last three summers in 90 degree days, it continues to seem pretty reasonable that this year will feature the fewest 90 degree days since 2009's total of just 15.  We'll likely end up with more than that number...heck, we have July and August ahead of us...but getting into the 35 or higher class like last summer's tally of 39 will be a very tough act to pull off.