Monday, June 17, 2013

A Few Evening Storms Around

If you're in the city, odds are that this evening should dodge by thunder free although a rogue shower or storm may pop up over the next couple of hours.  If you're south and southwest of the city, or northeast, it's a different story.

Showers and storms are widely scattered around -- a few are located across Bucks County, others are located up near Williamsport, and a severe cell is located in Southern Chester County as of 5 PM.  Storms are generally moving east or southeast, depending on the storm, with the Chester County storm producing hail and gusty winds. Quarter inch diameter hail was reported in West Chester during the 4 PM hour.

The key to this evening's storm activity is that it's scattered and not widespread. Not everyone gets thundered upon and most of us won't. However, a few showers are around, will move through, and one or two more may be briefly strong later on this evening.

Storms may be more numerous (although scattered may be the end result) around the region tomorrow evening.

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