Friday, June 07, 2013

Andrea's Impacts From Florida

While we're getting pounded with a hefty dose of rain in the region from Andrea and its remnants, Florida took a bit of a pounding from rain and coastal flooding yesterday as the storm came ashore.

This video from WESH-TV in Orlando shows the impacts of heavy rain that fell in Marion County, FL (near Ocala). Between three and five inches of rain was common in the Florida Peninsula on Wednesday and Thursday, creating flooding problems similar to what was shown on the video above in a number of low lying spots.

Along the Gulf Coast in Western Florida, coastal flooding from Andrea's storm surge caused flooding right at the coast.    Additionally, a couple of small tornado touchdowns were reported in the Tampa area during the day from rain bands on the more tornadic-prone east side of the tropical storm circulation.

Wind gusts topped out around 60 mph in Florida from the storm as well.  We'll recap our local final totals tomorrow morning.