Thursday, June 06, 2013

Flooding Continues In Europe & Along Mississippi River In US

It's been a rough spring in Europe -- cold, snow, and recent heavy rains that have led to floods along river basins in Central and Western Europe. The latest comes from Germany as the Elbe River is forecast to crest today near Dresden, with German officials ordering 30,000 to evacuate the community of Halle due to the threat of rising flood waters.

Sandbags lined outside of buildings in Dresden. Photo courtesy of The Independent.
Flooding in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria has combined to kill at least 15 individuals so far, with four others reported missing in the Czech Republic.  The Elbe was projected to crest at seven meters (nearly 21 feet) over normal levels in Dresden and nearly eight meters over normal levels farther downstream in Northern Germany according to officials.

The flooding is similar in picture to what has been occurring in the US Midwest earlier this week, with levee breaches near St. Louis resulting in flooding in suburban towns in Missouri in the aftermath of the heavy rain and thunderstorm events that ravaged Missouri and the Midwest the past couple of weeks.  The difference between Europe and the Midwest is that the Mississippi River was dealing with very low water levels just six to seven months prior, with Army Corps of Engineers having to dredge rock out of the river in order to get barges to safely pass through below St. Louis.