Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Clouds, Shower & Storm in PM

Temperatures vary across the region this morning with lower 60's from the city and points south and middle to upper 50's for northern areas as of 7am.  After a very nice day yesterday, the rain is back today.  High Pressure will be moving offshore during the morning hours.  This will turn the flow to the southwest and thus increase the low-level moisture over the region and increase clouds.  A surface trough will be moving into the region later today and this, in turn with the increased moisture, will help to trigger a few showers and perhaps a thunderstorm this afternoon and evening.

There are already a few light showers over eastern PA.  These are moving east, but kind of falling apart as they move towards the city and NJ.  There will be some sunshine this morning, especially in the city and points east, but the clouds will take over throughout the day.  With the warmer flow, temperatures will warm and and rise in the lower 80's from the city to points south and west.  Highs will stay in the upper 70's for northernmost areas.   We are not looking at any significant precipitation today, but enough to be a nuisance and damper any outdoor activities later today.