Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Midday Storm Chances But Not As Hectic Overall

In the wake of another deluge of tropical muck, a cool front is going to try to cut through some of the humidity and morass of mugginess during the course of the day.  The front will act as a focal point for scattered showers and thunderstorms to fire up to our west later this morning, pushing east and crossing the region during the midday and early afternoon hours.  A few of the storms could be heavy or produce a brief downpour that could get your parking lot a bit soaked again.

Once this "front" (it won't be terribly less humid behind the front but the winds shift to the west) passes through, breezes will increase to 12-20 mph from the west for the balance of the afternoon and we should see things dry out for the remainder of the day.  Modeling suggests a 1-3 PM passage with the front in Philly itself, maybe a notch earlier.

Highs this afternoon generally get to 80-85 through the region, coolest north, warmest south. Philadelphia gets to 82 or 83 by day's end.  It will be less stormy overall but humidity is still a factor.