Thursday, June 06, 2013

More Humidity But Rains Should Stay West Until Tonight

Southeast breezes and an approaching cold front will increase moisture levels around here today.  You'll notice more clouds and a slightly muggier feel to the atmosphere after a couple of refreshingly awesome days on Tuesday and Wednesday.  While the weather won't be as ideal, it should remain dry in Philadelphia through dinner.

Showers will increase to our west in response to an approaching warm front and a nudge of moisture and warmth pushing in from the southwest. This piece of energy is not related to the tropical mess down in the Southeast but is related to the cold front that will help pull the tropical mess northwards.  Showers will spread through Central Pennsylvania into Northeast Pennsylvania as the day progresses...and it wouldn't surprise if a few showers tried to approach the city's western suburbs by late afternoon.  For the city and points south and east, a dry day is expected although one that features mostly cloudy skies.

Highs this afternoon will occur just after midday -- generally in the mid 70's through the region.  Some decline in temperature can't be ruled out in the afternoon hours at the Shore and across South Jersey and Delaware as southeast winds pull in the cooler ocean air.  It will still be a decent day -- just not as nice as the last two.