Monday, June 03, 2013

National Weather Service Ends Furloughs (For Now)

Late last Friday night, the acting administrator at NOAA sent out this email to employees at the National Weather Service regarding furloughs that were discussed as a potential outcome in response to cost savings pressure due to the sequester that was put in place earlier this spring.  You can click on the graphic below to see the full text.

The email essentially is in response to increased Congressional concern about furloughs in the wake of tornado outbreaks in the Plains back in mid and late May.  In the initial plan, the NWS was going to suspend all but essential operations over four days this summer -- July 5th, 19th, August 5th, and 30th.

The suspension of furloughs does not impact the hiring freeze that is still in place at NOAA and in the National Weather Service, which includes about 300 NWS employees nationally.