Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nice, Relatively Calm Summer Day Ahead

A relatively nice day ahead for the Delaware Valley as lower humidity levels are in place thanks to a frontal boundary lurking just to our south.  This front will move back north tonight as a warm front and set the stage for our strong and perhaps severe thunderstorm activity on Thursday around the region.

We're watching a few showers in Northern Pennsylvania drift southeast this morning. Those may pass through the western suburbs, perhaps the city, after 9 AM, but they shouldn't last long nor be particularly drenching if they in fact survive the trek through the state. At minimum, they will throw a deck of overcast on top of parts of the region for a little bit this morning. Once those pass through, a few more showers or storms can't be ruled out this afternoon, mainly to the city's south and southwest, as the frontal boundary begins its northward return.

Temperatures by day's end will top out in the mid 80's in most places, a few degrees above average. Humidity will be in check with dew point values in the 50's.  Winds will be from the west and northwest at 7-14 mph.

Thursday features the thunder threat from a storm system that's pushing into the Midwest today.