Sunday, June 09, 2013

Potential For One Of The Rainiest Junes On Record

So far, Philadelphia's picked up 4.69" of rain through today. It's not one of the top rainy Junes on record but we're not far away from that benchmark.  There are only 15 months of June going back to 1872 that have had at least six inches of rain.  It won't take much between now and month's end to get into the top 15 and just over two inches of rain will put us into the top ten.

With a storm system poised to approach the region starting tomorrow and lingering through Tuesday, the potential for more rains abounds. Rain may be steady to heavy at times, with the potential for another inch or more of rain on tap for the Delaware Valley according to most guidance. The Euro and NAM are more widespread with the distribution of rains while the GFS tends to be more scattered with where rainfall will set up.  However, the GFS does suggest the potential for over two inches of rain in some locations, particularly on Monday night into Tuesday morning.  Euro indicates the best chance of that would be south of the city over the Delmarva, in line with the Euro trying to pop a blob of heavier precip to our south.

We'll have more information on this tomorrow but our brief respite in the rainy pattern is about to end...and it's going to be another run of rainy weather around here as we continue our march towards one of the most rainy months of June in Philly.