Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reviewing First Half Of June

The first half of June has been a relatively warm one -- thanks in large part to our very warm start to June (93 on the 1st, 88 on the 2nd).  Take those out of the equation and we're essentially "normal" on temperatures for the balance of the month.  Our average of 72.6, including the 1st and 2nd, is 1.5 degrees above.

What isn't normal is our rainfall -- 7.33" through Saturday, which is five plus inches above average.  Some spots have seen close to if not more than nine inches of rain this month and among the climate sites in the region, Georgetown, DE has 9.34" of rain so far this month, over seven inches of rain above average.

And we still have half of the month to go.  Probably won't see as much rain in the second half as we have in the first but we need a bit less than three inches of rain to set a record for rainiest June since 1872 in the city.