Saturday, June 01, 2013

Revisiting May 2013

May 2013, thanks to the 90 degree days that closed out the month, finishes as a slightly above average month on temperatures. We notched in at 64.8 degrees for the final temperature in Philadelphia, nine tenths of a degree above average.  It was a fair amount cooler than last May, which averaged out to 68.2 degrees for the month.   The balance of the region was above average by a degree or so, with Atlantic City coming in squarely at average.

Rainfall ended up below average by an inch and a third locally, with us now running a rainfall deficit of just over four inches year-to-date.

The month featured a fair amount of temperature yo-yo over the final half of the month after a relatively normal start.   After a cool stretch around mid-month, we ended up seeing a couple of yo-yo moments in temperature, including a rather cool run-up into the Memorial Day weekend before we saw temperatures quickly bounce hot over the last three days.  Our coolest morning of 41 also included some frost and freeze conditions in our northern and northeastern parts of the region.