Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sensational Saturday

A few clouds in some locations with temperatures pretty much in the mid- to upper 50's, with a few 60's, including at the Philadelphia International Airport.  Winds remain clam over much of the area as well.  We'll shoot into the mid- to upper 80's over most of the area. 

By noon, in the metro, we'll be sneaking into the 80's.  Coming off of our high of 87-degrees, by 5pm we'll be settling back into the mid-80's.  To the north and west, by noon we'll hit the mid-70's and by the evening we'll be in the lower 80's.  To the south and east, including the famed Firefly Festival, a warm day with noontime temperatures in the upper 70's, highs into the mid-80's and by evening dropping back to the lower 80's.  Overall, winds will be from the southwest at 5 to 10 mph.  Humidity will remain low but we'll see a noticeable difference by tomorrow.  Have a great day!