Friday, June 28, 2013

Severe Storm Watch Update

Most of the region is under a severe storm watch until 9 PM.  Storms are firing up and moving east through parts of the Delaware Valley this evening, with some severe warnings in parts of the region as storms intensify, drop hail, and produce gusty winds.

In fact, one storm in New Castle County has generated a tornado warning until 5 PM as it showed signs of rotating winds within the thunderstorm.

As you can tell by radar as of 4:30, everything is scattered around and not everyone is getting thunderstorms.  That will be the case this evening -- some spots will see damaging storms and others will just see clouds and deal with muggy weather through the evening.

The greatest concentration of strong and severe storms will generally lie to the city's south -- across Delaware and South Jersey.  Not all storms will produce a tornado and not all storms will produce severe criteria wind or hail.  However, storms will be strong and produce heavy rain should they track through your area.

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