Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sixth Wettest Month All-Time, Wettest June In Books

Through 5 PM today, Philadelphia has picked up another 0.45" of rain, putting their monthly total at 10.56". It's not the highest total in the region -- Wilmington at 13.66" of rain is carrying that honor for us all -- but it is the wettest June on record.  Both Philly and Wilmington have that honor on lock.

Atlantic City has an outside shot of getting to the top spot (8.45") and with just 0.05" more can get into the number two spot in terms of June rainfall.  The other locations in the region likely don't see their records knocked out.  Reading's record is 15.73" of rain -- set back in 1972 (thank you Agnes).

Rainiest months on record, Philly
In terms of all time months in Philadelphia, June will shape up as the sixth wettest regardless of month since 1872.  It's also the fourth month in the last four years to finish at ten or more inches of rain!  The rainiest month on record is August 2011 at 19.31".  That's an impressive...and of rainfall in this part of the world.

Around the region, Wilmington's June is the fourth rainiest month regardless on record, behind August 1911, August 2011, and July 1919.

Wilmington's monthly record for this June broke the old record by nearly four inches (9.90", set back in 2003).