Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some 90's Early Next Week

A couple of refreshing days, at least by summer standards, await the region tomorrow and Friday before the thermostat gradually gets cranked up over the weekend.  High pressure builds in the Western Atlantic, offshore from the Carolinas, setting up a very warm  west and southwest flow into the region for Sunday through Wednesday.  90's look likely for at least two of the four days and perhaps all four, which would result in the season's second "heat wave" of note.

Like the heat event we had at the beginning of June, these 90's will be the lower/mid variety and perhaps along the lines of 90, 91, 92 for highs.  Nothing we can't handle but certainly something that will be summery.

It will not last, however.  A cool front does try to slide on through during the middle portions of the week, bringing a chance of showers and storms to the region but also helps dig down a weak trough in the Great Lakes. The result is the core of heat begins to push up in the Rockies and Great Plains for the last few days of June if modeling is correct.

In terms of the heat and humidity factor for next week's heat, dew point values in the mid 60's will add a couple of degrees to the heat but it does not appear we're in for anything oppressive in terms of heat at this point. It will feel rather warm, however!